Lamb Clean Tripe Slice

Lamb Clean Tripe Slice

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Lamb Tripe Slice is light yet delicious treat perfect for all dogs and cats. It can be easily broken into smaller pieces and used as a training treat.

Lamb Tripe has a textured surface which may help to maintain optimal dental health. This treat has barely any smell which makes it ideal if you aren't a big fan of smelly treats. Even though it doesn't smell too much your dog or cat will still love it!!


  • Dependant on quantity ordered this product comes in large flat pieces which can be broken up.


  • Three different quantities to chose from


  • Texture may help improve dental health
  • Not a lot of odour
  • Easy to break into smaller pieces
  • High in protein
  • Contains many important Minerals and Vitamins


Always provide water when you give your pets a treat. We also recommend supervising your dog, regardless of age, when eating any kind of treat. Treats should only supplement a balanced and nutritious diet. Not for human consumption.